About Us

Thursdays have a special aura. It’s a day to enjoy, to foresee a fun near future with our loved ones, surrounded by harmonious details at home. It’s also the day Thursday Living was born.


Founded in 2016, we are a Brisbane-based home and gift store that specialises in home decor and lifestyle products. We are passionate about helping people create beautiful, happy environments by providing quality products with clear functionality and great design that ultimately lift our routines and nourish our souls.


Home decor matters because our homes matter. Therefore, innovative and creative pieces must be accessible and affordable to become part of our everyday lives. With the lovely commitment of bringing new life to every home, we have curated over +1000 pieces created with much love and craftsmanship from Australia to the world.


  • We offer free shipping across Australia
  • You can get your purchase sooner by giving priority to your order for an extra $5
  • You can send your item back with our 30-day return policy
  • If you have any questions about the delivery process or anything else, write to our team!